Senior Health Officer

Job Overview/Summary: The position will be responsible for overall administration of the clinic and supervision of para medical staff, cleaner and health volunteers based in the fixed clinic. In addition, the position is responsible for the following:

Major Responsibilities: The Senior Health Officer will be specifically responsible for performing the following activities:

Administrative Responsibilities:

  • Coordination with the pharmacies for timely submission of all the dispensed prescriptions along with the prescription records to the fixed clinics
  •   Examining all the prescription records submitted by the pharmacies to ensure that standard procedures for prescriptions are followed and report any errors/discrepancies to the health officer  
  •   Assist the Senior Health Operations Officer in submission of prescription records to the finance department on weekly basis.
  •   Directly supervise the medical staff, health volunteers and the cleaners at the fixed clinics
  • Submit the time sheets or any other required documents for payment for health volunteers, the doctors, midwives, nurses and any other staff on services contracts to office on monthly basis.
  • Raise procurement requests for routine supplies required at the clinics for smooth operation
  • Organize weekly meetings at the clinics and share the meeting minutes on weekly basis
  • Attend coordination meetings with health sector partners and report to health program management.
  • Raise recruitment request and interview the candidates in coordination with recruitment team.
  • Represent the IRC Health program whenever needed and give feedback.
  • Participate in developing the Health Information System and follow up on implementation inside the clinic.
  • Able to support other clinics in different locations when needed.
  • Build the capacity of clinic staff and volunteers.

Job Requirements:

Education: Bachelor in Nursing, Pharma or any other health related.

Work Experience: 4 to 5 years work experience working as a health professional with some management experience

Demonstrated Skills and Competencies:

  •  Ability to exercise sound judgment and make decisions independently
  • Ability to relate to and motivate local staff effectively
  • Have administrative background
  • Committed to helping refugees and working within IRC policies

Language Skills: Fluent in Arabic and English

Certificates or Licenses: N/A

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